The telenovela empire premieres in Argentina



‘Empire’, a major production by Globo filled with suspense, mystery and intrigue, premieres in Argentine last  March 2 at 2:00 pm on Telefe. The broadcast network is one of Argentina’s leading TV stations, and has a close partnership with Globo. Telefe has already aired major hits by the Brazilian network such as ‘Trail of Lies’, ‘Brave Woman’, ‘Irrational Heart’ and ‘Brazil Avenue’. This last was a huge hit with the audience. It was a ratings leader in Argentina, and its last episode was aired at a party for 6,000 people in Buenos Aires, attended by some of its stars, such as Cauã Reymond and Débora Falabella.

‘Empire’ tells the saga of José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero, ‘Looks & Essence’), a young man of humble origins who arrives in Rio de Janeiro in search of a better life and, years later, becomes a wealthy jewelry trader. Written by renowned author Aguinaldo Silva (‘Looks & Essence’), the telenovela has been licensed to more than 15 countries, including the United States (Telemundo), Portugal (SIC), Israel (Viva) and Uruguay (Teledoce).

In Brazil, ‘Empire’ occupied Globo’s prime time slot and reached an audience of 45 million viewers, as with other telenovelas written by Aguinaldo Silva (Source: Ibope).

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