Globo takes telenovelas Boogie Oogie and Rules of the Game’ to Discop Istanbul

Boogie Oogie

Boogie Oogie

Globo will introduce its 2016 catalog with its famous telenovelas, as well as miniseries and movies that enjoyed wide success in Brazil. The fair, which will take place March 1-3 in Turkey, gathers 1500 TV operators and audiovisual content producers from around the world. Globo’s highlights for the event are the funky ‘Boogie Oogie’ – a telenovela set in 1978, during the heyday of disco music; and the crime thriller ‘Rules of the Game’, written by the same author of the megahit ‘Brazil Avenue’.

In ‘Boogie Oogie’, directed by Ricardo Waddington (‘Precious Pearl’ and ‘Brazil Avenue’), two twenty-somethings from opposite social classes meet as a result of a tragic plane crash. On the one hand is the humble go-getter Sandra (Isis Valverde, of ‘Brazil Avenue’), while on the other we have the rich and spoiled Vitória (Bianca Bin, of ‘Precious Pearl’). The two will compete for the love of the same man, Rafael (Marco Pigossi, ‘Gabriela’). What they don’t know is that their fates were intertwined long ago, when they were switched at birth. And this secret promises to change the lives of everyone involved in this great story.

‘Rules of the Game’ is about the fine line between good and evil. Its main character, Romero Rômulo (Alexandre Nero, of ‘Empire’ and ‘Looks & Essence’), is a shady former politician who, despite being regarded as a people’s hero, works for a powerful crime syndicate. Constantly straddling the border between right and wrong, Romero becomes involved with humble Tóia (Vanessa Giácomo, of ‘Empire’) and with ambitious Atena (Giovana Antonelli, of ‘The Clone’ and ‘Brave Woman’), who falls in love with Romero and is capable of anything to defend him. The telenovela features fast-paced scenes and sharp dialogues.

Globo’s catalog is complemented by the telenovelas ‘Forever and Ever’, ‘Ambitious Women’, ‘Hidden Truths’, and ‘Parts of Me’. The miniseries ‘Happily Ever After?’ and ‘Dear Death’. And, lastly, the movies ‘Tim Maia’, ‘Good Luck’, ‘My Mom is a Character’ and ‘Last Night’ represent the best of Brazilian cinema.

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