Buscando el norte (Looking North), new from Atreseries Internacional


Buscando el norte (Looking North)

 Tuesday, April 12, is the premier of the new Atreseries series ‘Buscando el norte’, Looking North, a comedy of contrasts that offers a humorous view of the difficulties faced by many Spaniards who emigrate to find a better future.

The new series from Atresmedia, produced by Aparte Producciones, presents new faces in Spanish comedy, with Antonio Velázquez, Belén Cuesta and Manuel Burque heading the list, together with Silvia Alonso, Terele Pávez, Kimberley Tell, Bárbara Santa Cruz, Oscar Ladoire, Fele Martínez, Jorge Bosch, Luis Zahera, Elisa Mouliaá, Goizalde Nuñez, Ferrán Rañe, Gillian Apter, Jesús Carroza and Ana Goya.

The series kicks off with the story of Alex and Carol, a brother and sister who, tired of the job situation in Spain, decide to emigrate to the European city of opportunity: Berlin. However their dream of achieving the German dream soon becomes a nightmare when they realize that from once living below their means, they are now living above them. The brother and sister are the thread that runs through this series of stories other Spaniards who have left their country.

The series, filmed in Madrid and Berlin, is based on the film “Perdiendo el Norte” (Losing North) by Atresmedia Cine under the supervision of executive producer Nacho García Velilla, director of the original film as well as other comedies such as “Fuera de Carta” or “Que se mueran los feos”, (The Daily Special, or Kill All the Ugly).

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