In Colombia started the filming of the series 2091

SERIE 2091

From left to right, above row: José Restrepo, Benjamín Vicuña, Manolo Cardona, Angie Cepeda, Jean Paul Leroux, Luz Cipriota, Ludovico Di Santo

FOX Networks Group (FNG) Latin America announced the start of the filming of “2091”, an original blockbuster that from this week takes place in Bogota, Colombia.

Created and written by Andrés Gelós (Cumbia Ninja, Kdabra) and produced by FOX Telecolombia, integral producer of FNG Latin America, is a new dramatic series which refers to not-so-distant future in which the human race has exhausted all their natural resources getting to the brink of extinction, and as the only way out is to go back to believing in connecting to that man called palpitating heart, must fight robotization if we want to survive as a species.

Starring Colombians Manolo Cardona (“Corazón de León” “Palabra de Ladrón”), Angie Cepeda (“Familia en Venta” “La semilla del Silencio”), Mexicans Christopher Von Uckermann (“Kdabra”) and Cristina Rodlo (“El Capitán”); next to a great panregional casting composed of renowned figures, as Argentinian Ludovico Di Santo (“La Leona”), Luz Cipriota (“Soy Luna”, “Los vecinos en guerra”); Chileans Benjamín Vicuña (“Sitiados”) y Gonzalo Vivanco (“Kdabra”); Colombians Natalia Reyes (“Cumbia Ninja”), Flora Martínez (“Rosario Tijeras”); Mexican Julio Bracho (“Bajo el mismo cielo”, “Cantinflas”), Paruvians Salvador del Solar (“Cumbia Ninja”) and Jason Day (“El Capo 2”) and Venezuelan Jean Paul Leroux (“Quiero Amarte”, “Tiempo Final”), among others.

With a cinematic approach to production, direction of Colombian Felipe Martinez (“Cumbia Ninja“, “Bluff“) and Mexican Álvaro Curiel (“Battleship“), the set of “2091” will be extended for four months and will take place in Bogota one of the most attractive natural settings in Colombia, the desert of Tatacoa, the original music of the show is by the renowned composer Emilio Kauderer (“El Secreto de sus ojos“, “Metegol”). Composed of 13 one hour episodes, the premiere is scheduled for the second half of this year on FOX.


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