Spanish adaptation of Los González opens


The Artigas

Entitled The Artigas, the Spanish adaptation of the entertainment format of Televisa Los Gonzalez, premiered in prime time on Thursday, March 31 through the Aragón TV network.

Los Gonzalez is a ‘sitcom’ that mixes fiction and reality, thanks to a family that is not real, but when they go outside behaves as if it were and makes jokes to real victims.

Los Gonzalez is staring a parent who has just been fired and discovers the formula to feed the family: that jokes that make laugh a good number of people can be a good business. Then he sets hands to work: creates an Internet channel with a hidden camera whose realization involves the whole family.

The Televisa format Los Gonzalez began its international tour in late 2015 with its successful Italian adaptation, entitled I Capatosta. Currently, besides the Spanish premiere of its adaptation, the format is optioned in Russia and India, and in Mexico is already under development.

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