Panama bets on classic love story to captivate audience

Boogie Oogie

Boogie Oogie

One of Globo’s highlights in the Natpe Budapest 2016 is the laid-back and classic story of ‘Boogie Oogie’, which has recently been licensed to the TVN network, in Panama. Filled with romance and plenty of secrets, the plot revolves around Sandra (Isis Valverde, ‘Brazil Avenue’), Rafael (Marco Pigossi, ‘Rules of the Game’) and Vitória (Bianca Bin, ‘Precious Pearl’). These young characters get caught in a love triangle in 1970’s Rio de Janeiro, underscored by the main disco era hits. One of the Brazilian network’s partners, TVN has already aired productions such as ‘Trail of Lies’ and ‘Doomed’. ‘Boogie Oogie’ is scheduled to premier in October.

A smash hit no matter where it goes, ‘Boogie Oogie’ reached more than 17 million viewers (Source: Ibope) in Brazil. The telenovela also won over viewers in Chile and Costa Rica, and should be aired in Canada soon.

The plot begins when fate makes Sandra, a humble and hard-working woman, and Vitória, a rich and spoiled brat, cross paths. Both of them meet because of a tragic accident and start fighting for the love of the same man. What they don’t know is that their paths have crossed before, when they were switched at birth – a secret that can change the lives of everyone in the story.

‘Boogie Oogie’ features 1970s sets, costumes and soundtrack, accurately reproducing the environment and all of the glitter and glamour of the disco era.

The cast includes world-class stars such as Deborah Secco (‘Irrational Heart’), Alessandra Negrini (‘Side by Side’), Letícia Spiller (‘Precious Pearl’), and Francisco Cuoco (‘Sweet Mother’ and ‘Trail of Lies’).

Globo will be in suite 201 during the Natpe Budapest 2016.

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