“No te mueras sin decirme adonde te vas”, Eliseo Subiela film.

NO TE MUERAS SIN DECIRME A DONDE VAS- IMAGEN DE INTERNETThe film was made in 1995 and features music by Pedro Aznar. It’s the story of Leopoldo, who has spent years trying to build a machine capable of recording human dreams. One day, he records a dream, in which he falls for a woman who lived 110 years earlier.

Shortly thereafter, he met this woman at the door of the cinema where he works. Is called Raquel, and says both have for years been reincarnated and becoming lovers. Leopoldo can not remember anything about Rachel, but both fall in love. Everything changes when Raquel confesses tired of reincarnations, and wants to remain dead once and for all, while Leopoldo has a awful fear of death.

A great Argentine film yesterday by Canal Voler.

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