The last breadth: MundoMax is over. November 30, 2017 date of burial

Ibra Morales

Ibra Morales

Spanish-language network MundoMax, that struggled to pick up what was left of FOX LATAM’s and RCN’s Colombian initiative to become the third-ranked Hispanic network in competition in the United States, died.

And is that since its inception this initiative, was born dead thanks to distribution problems, programming of old Colombian novels and unpopular.

The initiative of FOX and RCN of Colombia, fell to an audience that turned its back and therefore, the expected numbers were the factors that were against the broadcast network that tried to attract the Latin spectators of the powerful market of the United States and offer advertisers an alternative to Univision and Telemundo.

“Given the many changes underway through the panorama of entertainment, and despite having access to world-class content, we could not establish ourselves with a distribution model that was economically
feasible for our business. Therefore, we will be ending our network and affiliated operations,” said the
statement announcing its death, in November 2016.

It was known that the strategy of its “thrusters” (we do not want to mention names that everyone already
knows), was destined to death. TVMAS tried to interview its top executives once the initiative was launched on several occasions. But they were very busy. Perhaps, serious and firm questions of serious media, could have contributed to this wonderful initiative and its strategy. (That is the function of the media).

José I. Molina

José I. Molina

The network began as a joint venture between Fox International Channels and RCN Colombia. In what seemed like a promising partnership, RCN provided the programming and Fox handled sales and would distribute the network. “As the Hispanic population continues to grow and becomes increasingly influential in all aspects of our society, we know that the Spanish-language media will continue to play an important role in informing and entertaining this important group of consumers,” added its President, Jose I. Molina, through a statement.

The absence of sense of smell and knowledge of the propellants of this initiative, since the Hispanic market of the United States does not correspond at all to the Latin American market. And more still: bring old programming from Colombia to a market that sees “the best of the best” in a country like the United States, as it was an initiative by both FOX and RCN groups regrettably, wrong. Surely, the investors of both groups, must be dismayed, but wondering how to conquer this great market.

To conquer the Hispanic market in the United States, there must be a divorce completely from what the Latin American market is, because it’s a different audience. It is necessary to bring to these audiences, original productions for different segments or niches with powerful themes and according to their realities, couple to technologies in which one has to bet, to win. / Amanda Ospina

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