History won the Emmy Award for “Francisco, El Jesuita”

Francisco, el jesuita.

Francisco, el jesuita.

Latin America won an Emmy Award in the category “Best Foreign Language Program in prime time” for its miniseries “Francisco, El Jesuita”, a co-production between History and Anima Films that premiered last year.

The program chronicles the life of Jorge Bergoglio, the Jesuit priest who became the first Latin American pope and of that religious order. “Francisco, El Jesuita” is based on the only authoritative biography of Pope Francis, written by journalists Sergio Rubin and Francesca Ambrogetti.

Organized by The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the 44th edition of the Emmy Awards was held on the evening of Monday, November 21 at a gala event at the Hilton New York hotel attended by numerous professionals in television around the world.

Programs from Germany and the UK led the evening with three Emmys each: German shows were featured in the categories “Best Performance by an Actress”, “Documentary” and “Drama Series” and the British in the categories “Best Performance by An actor”,”Comedy” and “TV Movie / Mini-Series “.

The programs and actors that were awarded at the Emmy Awards were:“The Man Who Shot Hiroshima” (Arts Programming); Dustin Hoffman (Best Performance by an Actor); Christiane Paul (Best Performance by an Actress); “Hoff The Record” (Comedy); “War of Lies” (Documentary); “Deutschland 83” (Drama Series); “Francisco, El Jesuita” (Non-English Language US Primetime Program); “The Great Swedish Adventure”, (Non-Scripted Entertainment); “Hidden Truths” (Telenovela) and “Capital” (TV Movie/Mini-Series.)

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