Ismael Cala announces a corporate happiness project for companies


International conference speaker, life strategist and best-selling author, Ismael Cala, announced the creation of “EsCALA Corporativa,” a new area within Cala Enterprises that will provide solutions to implement corporate happiness strategies at companies.

“The most important consultants agree that the main challenge in managing human capital in the coming years will consist of strengthening the commitment of employees. To do this, a permanent formation in disruptive leadership will be necessary,” Cala explained.

He also said that “companies have the challenge of designing a solid strategy for organizational well-being and happiness that show that the company is concerned with the overall health of the employee, and considers the employee to be a human being with all of their facets, including the emotional aspect.”

“EsCALA Corporativa” will help companies develop a strategy based on building collective intelligence to stimulate competition, creativity and innovation, and to manage efficient communication.

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In 2016, Ismael Cala offered conferences, seminars, in-person workshops, online webinars and travel for growth to dozens of companies in the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Argentina.

He also invited thousands of people to public events in cities such as Houston, New York, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Santo Domingo, Panama, Valencia, Quito, Guayaquil, Asunción, Encarnación and Amsterdam, among others.

In 2017, he will continue his awareness travels to spectacular places such as India, Tierra Santa, the Mayan Riviera and Costa Rica, after taking hundreds of people to similar destinations this year. He will also extend his online training programs through 12 master classes (one every month) under the title “El camino a la abundancia” [The road to abundance].

Life strategy and human development, best-selling author and international conference presenter. For more than five years, he hosted the show CALA, at prime time on CNN en Español.

He is currently considered to be one of the most important communicators on the continent, and his message of social entrepreneurship, mindfulness and well-being is a reference for millions of people who follow his work in books, seminars, workshops and conferences throughout all of Latin America. Cala has traveled through more than 25 countries, and has impacted hundreds of thousands of people with his message.

He is currently an official collaborator on the program “Awaken America,” for the Univisión chain, and he writes a weekly column for more than 50 publications in Latin America and the United States. “The New York Times” has called him “the Latin Larry King.”

Author of the best sellers “La vida es una piñata [Life is a piñata],” “El analfabeto emocional [The emotional illiterate],” “El poder de escuchar [The power of listening],” “Un buen hijo de P… [A real son of a B…],” and “El secreto del bamboo [The secret of bamboo],” Cala was born in Santiago de Cuba (1969) and has a degree in Art History from Universidad de Oriente. He is coauthor of the book “Beat the curve,” with Brian Tracy. He graduated from the School of Communication at the University of York in Toronto, and has a Seneca diploma in Television Production. He has worked with grand masters such as Deepak Chopra and John C. Maxwell, and has trained with coaches such as Tony Robbins and Miguel Ruiz. Cala belongs to a group of collaborating professors at Atlantis University and Next University. He is President of Cala Enterprises Corporation. Visit:

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