Steinbranding towards the World Cup Russia 2018

Steinbranding towards the World Cup Russia 2018

This company is working on art and design towards the World Cup in Russia.

What does a client who hires them want? 

“They want something different for their screen. The client seeks to capture the attention of the audience by offering something that is memorable, tailored and with personality,” replied Guillermo Stein, CEO of Steinbranding to TVMAS.

Recently, this international design agency based in Buenos Aires, was chosen by channel CNT Sports of Ecuador for the renovation of its image and its main newscast. Likewise, for America TV channel of Argentina, led by Liliana Parodi, the company did a unique job.

“In recent years we have worked for the Oscar awards in their transmission through the Mexican channel Azteca 7. We made promos for the red carpet broadcast of the Oscar awards for signal E! Entertainment in the United States and Latin America, as well as graphic packages for Fox Sports awards from Miami. We made promotional pieces of the 2014 Brazil Soccer World Cup for Public TV and DeporTV in Argentina,” added the executive and creative.


With a strong presence in Latin America, the United States, Europe and India, having also worked for HBO Latino, Discovery Kids, Fox, EcuadorTV, ZEE Mundo, Telefé, Studio Universal, TV Azteca, Telemundo and SKY, among others, created for CNT Sports the complete branding of the signal with the aim of positioning it as a leading channel in sporting events and demonstrating that it lives up to the outstanding sports television networks in the region.

On the 2018 Soccer World Cup, Stein told us that “we are looking for the internal teams of all TV channels, the Over-The-Top (OTT) and the Subscription VOD (SVOD) can try our graphic packages for all types of content.”


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