The success of Turkish dramas impacts worldwide and Eccho Rights licensed 600 hours to All Media Baltics

Brave and Beautiful, by Ay Yapim

The international distributor Eccho Rights announced that it licensed 600 hours of Turkish content to the broadcaster of the Baltic countries All Media Baltics. The seasons of five dramas acquired will be broadcast by TV3 channel for the delight of the Lithuanian audiences and two to the programming of the same channel in Latvia.

Titles like Phi, by Ay Yapim broadcast in Turkey by Puhu TV; Life of Secrets, (Mist Productions’ family drama); Gonul, another production of Mist of 2015; Can’t Run From Love, by Erler Films, and Cennet, produced by Sürec Film and broadcast by ATV in their country of origin, will be broadcast on TV3 in Lithuania.

Cennet and Brave and Beautiful, by Ay Yapim, will be in the programming of the Latvian signal. This last series was sold to more than 60 territories from all continents.

“This huge number of programs reflects the high quality and diversity that we pride ourselves on representing,” said Handan Özkubat, Head of Istanbul headquarters at Eccho Rights. “Turkish dramas have attracted a lot of attention in the Baltic countries over the past 18 months and we are proud to lead this success.”

Eccho Rights had already licensed several titles to Latvia and Lithuania. Inside and Elifare other Turkish dramas that were aired in the region in 2017 through the BTV and TV 1 networks, respectively.

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