Querer sin Límites of GLOBO premieres in Latin America

Querer sin limites

It was one of Globo’s important releases at its usual breakfast at NATPE last in Miami. The telenovela premieres on its partner channel, Ecuavisa of Ecuador on February 27th in prime time at 10pm.

Ecuavisa has broadcast other titles of the Brazilian company (Avenida Brasil, Rastros de mentiras, La guerrera and Insensato Corazón), written by Glória Perez.

This is the story of three women with prominent but distinct personalities, whose destinies are crossed by something in common: the strength to fight for what they desire.

“In Brazil, the plot was broadcast in primetime with a daily average of 48 million spectators. Of every 10 televisions on, 7 were tuned to this story” affirmed GLOBO executives.

In the casting are Juliana Paes interpreting Fabiana, an ambitious woman who, for love leaves her law career and ends up involved with the world of crime. On the other hand, Paolla Oliveira, is the police officer Yeisa, who dreams of being a fighter, while fighting organized crime. EIsis Valverde playing Ritita, a young dreamer, divided between the choice of great love and the search for freedom.

An exciting and sensitive plot that addresses contemporary issues that shook the Brazilian public and promises to succeed in other territories of the world.

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