Globo’s telenovela ‘Young Hearts: Embrace Diversity’ nominated for Prix Jeunesse International 2018

Ensaio Malhação: Viva a Diferença

Launched in Globo’s 2018 catalog, the youthful and contemporary telenovela ‘Young Hearts: Embrace Diversity’ is a finalist at Prix Jeunesse International 2018. The first telenovela written by Cao Hamburger (‘City of Men’), and directed by Paulo Silvestrini (‘Precious Pearl’), was selected among nearly 400 shows for children and teenagers at the award that promotes quality TV content for children and teenagers worldwide.

“We were very proud with the nomination. This season features pressing subjects and a straight-to-the-point language, which is also tender sensible and delicate at the same time. It’s delightful entertainment with relevant content. And the artistic, technical, and conceptual qualities must surely have been key factors in this nomination,” said the author Cao Hamburger.

After premiering in May 2017 in Brazil, the telenovela is currently in its final stretch, featuring a daily reach of 28 million viewers. The story plays around the friendship of five girls from different backgrounds and personalities, forged from an unforgettable experience: the birth of a baby in a São Paulo subway car. One of them is nine-months pregnant and goes into labor right there, and the others must find a way to come together and help deliver the baby. That marks the beginning of an unwavering friendship that transcends social and cultural barriers. The girls come together to face conflicts among themselves, their families, and society.

The award ceremony will be held on May 25-30 in Munich, Germany. Cao Hamburger has already won an award for the series ‘Pedro & Bianca’, aired on TV Cultura in 2014.

Click here to watch the trailer for ‘Young Hearts: Embrace Diversity’

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