Tijuana drama series soon on Univision and Netflix


A co-production of Fusion Media Group and Netflix is Tijuana, in Spanish. Production will begin next month. Its premiere in the United States will be through Univision and Netflix will be in charge of the world premiere

When the presidential candidate who heads the polls is murdered, the reporters of the weekly Tijuana take action to cover the news that has paralyzed the country; Soon they will discover that after the homicide, there is a huge clandestine network of corruption and power, and that they will have to risk their lives in order to bring the truth to light. Daniel Posada (El Chapo), is the showrunner of the series and Zayre Ferrer the creator. Tijuana will be co-produced by Story House (FMG Studios) and Netflix.

In addition to Tijuana and with the collaboration of Fusion TV, Fusion Media Group and Netflix will co-produce two other fiction series in Spanish as well as two documentary series in English with the cable channel FUSION.

El Chapo was the first Netflix co-production with Story House by FMG Studios. The first season premiered on the Univision network in April 2017 and internationally on Netflix in June 2017. Since its premiere on Netflix, El Chapo has become one of the most watched titles in series marathons in Mexico.

The second season helped the rating of Hispanic viewers in the United States on Sunday night in 2017, and recently debuted on Netflix internationally.

“Tijuana marks a crucial moment to talk about what journalists face every day around the world, particularly in Mexico, in their search for the truth,” said Camila Jiménez Villa, president and CEO of FMG Studios. “This expansion of our relationship with Netflix confirms the value of the content we are producing, we will invest more in production, and by 2020 we plan to have more than 200 hours of programming in English and Spanish, and we will continue to bet on new creators that really represent a broad spectrum of stories, characters and experiences, with particular attention to showrunners, female writers and directors and multicultural.”

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