A&E Networks Latin America betting on multiplatform short formats

Eduardo Ruiz-President of A&E Networks

Eduardo Ruiz, President of A & E Networks Latin America, said that by 2018 the company will focus on shows for all platforms but in short formats.” The next FIFA World Cup is the ideal event for the development of diverse types of content. That’s why the company opted for The History of Football, a 24-7 program for 14 days with short, medium and long format content. “We will produce more than 60 hours in Europe, in Asia and Latin America. This is a global event for History, it is the first time we do something of this magnitude,” he said.

At the end of 2017 A&E Networks launched the franchise History of Words, 1 minute shorts explaining the etymology of words. He will also be the advertising sales representative in Mexico for Playground, the number 1 platform on Facebook and is producing for his YouTube channel in both Portuguese and in Spanish.

The transformations in A&E networks brought new executives to reach the proposed goals for the future.

In Buenos Aires was added Laurea Lozes, (former project leader of Cablevisión’s Flow launch in Argentina). “All the digital team is going to report to her,” explained Ruiz. At the end of last year, there was a change in management at the Brazilian office, with Raúl Costa Jr in charge, who spent several years at the head of Viacom in Brazil and before that was at Discovery.

Finally, A&E Networks incorporated Iván Bargueiras, formerly Discovery, to lead the advertising, revenue and new business sales team. “The idea is to assemble the best possible team and these three people are veterans of the industry in their respective areas, in their respective markets. These experts will help us solidify A+E Networks Latin America,” concluded Ruiz.

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