Brazilian Content at Kidscreen Summit 2018 with 23 producers

Brazilian Content leads the audiovisual content export project promoted by BRAVI in association with the Brazilian Agency of Trade Promotion and Investment. (Apex-Brasil)

The Brazilian delegation participates actively in Kidscreen Summit from February 12 to 15 in Miami with 23 production companies and 38 participants in total.

The event receives around 2,000 participants from more than 50 countries and, therefore, executives take advantage of opportunities to expand their business network and participate more deeply in issues that directly affect the industry.

The production companies that make up the Brazilian delegation are 2DLab, 44 Toons, Animaking, Belli Studio, Boutique Films, Bromelia Productions, Cabong Studios, Capelini Filmes, Chatrone, Cinefilm, Copa Studio, Dogs Can Fly Licensing, Hype, Lightstar Studios, Mauricio de Sousa Produções, Monster Movie n’Photo, PenGuin Animation, PUSHSTART, Sato Company, sBusiness, Tortuga Studios, UP! CONTENT Co. and Z7 Company.

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