‘Above Justice’ premieres on Telefe as the most watched show in Argentina


Globo’s ‘Above Justice’ took Argentina by storm last Monday, April 9. The limited series is being aired on Telefe’s 10:30 p.m. prime time slot and reached excellent ratings during its premiere, topping the list of most watched shows on Argentinean TV that day. The production includes four independent but intertwined story lines, asking the question of what exactly is fair and acceptable in extreme situations. 

The limited series was very successful in Brazil, with an average daily reach of 41 million viewers on broadcast TV. Prior to Argentina, ‘Above Justice’ led ratings in Chile, where it aired on Mega, and was also successful in Peru, aired on the Latina channel. The production is already scheduled to premiere in other countries such as Uruguay and Ecuador in the next few months.

‘Above Justice’ was part of a special showcase presented in the latest edition of Berlinale, in Germany, where Globo revealed its new generation of series to the market, including high quality productions on contemporary issues, which have been capturing a wide variety of viewers throughout the world.

With 16 episodes, the story begins in 2009 in Recife, Northeastern Brazil, with the arrest of four people of different origins and pasts. Seven years later, after paying their debts to society, they are released from prison and have to find a way to start over. The plot goes back and forth in time, revealing new aspects of the characters, presenting the different points of view which led them to extreme and questionable actions.

The work also features renowned actors like Adriana Esteves and Cauã Reymond (both from ‘Brazil Avenue’) and Leandra Leal (‘Empire’), among others.

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