Glowstar Media and Cris Morena Group closed agreement in MIPTV 2018

Silvana D’Angelo

The Glowstar company, of the expert and recognized marketer of contents and formats on a worldwide scale, Silvana D’Angelo, was presented at Natpe last in Miami. And just in three months, the young company already announced at MIPTV, an event that ended yesterday in Cannes, France an agreement with the also celebrated Argentine producer, Cris Morena Group.

It is a business management alliance for the new projects of the producer Cris Morena and the remakes of their consecrated successes.

Among the new projects of Cris Morena, the entrepreneur D’Angelo, highlighted the Otro Mundo youth series. “It’s a revolutionary project, with a language for youth content. Cris is always one step ahead and this series has a lot to do with what young people see today and what all the channels and platforms are looking for.”

Cris Morena’s proposals always wager on the 360 that exceeds the audiovisual platform to cover derivative business lines such as theater plays, music, live shows, digital download, social media development, licenses and more.

“To be part of the talented team of Cris Morena Group, makes me proud and we will fulfill the objective we set ourselves to the signing of this agreement: to break traditional models of both broadcast as well as co-production. I’m aligned with the expansive and innovative vision of Cris Morena, in what I consider the best creative stage of her career”- affirmed Silvana D’Angelo, CEO of GLOWSTAR MEDIA.


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