ABS-CBN of Philippines Making strides in LATAM and US Hispanic Market

Macie F. Imperial, ABS-CBN VP and Head of Integrated Acquisitions & International Sales Distribution

The contents of the Philippines, especially telenovelas, series and dramas have a huge impact in its country and in the countries where they are exhibited. In 2016, Bridges of Love, its first telenovela on air in Latin America, exactly in Peru generated an audience increase of 26% surpassing its schedule competition

What are the strategies to surprise audiences in Latin America and the US Hispanic market

ABS-CBN has been the premiere source of Filipino content globally. As part of our strategy in Latin America and US Hispanic markets, we would like to stress our capabilities as creator of original Filipino content that transform lives on a deeply personal yet universal levels. We will be aggressive in building new business relations and in keeping our relationships with our current content distribution partners that will surely help us seal our position in these markets. Pay-TV and VOD markets has been on a promising growth trajectory and we would like to be part of it. Partnering with digital platforms will also allow us to offer different ways to access our content and maybe in the next few years, we can also offer our own OTT platform, iWantTV.


The telenovelas and series from South Korea and Turkey have opened up a range of opportunities … How do you think you can take advantage of this open path with the Philippines stories? Mention the most important titles.

The rise of the telenovelas from South Korea and Turkey have truly opened up the market to different international players in content distribution. We are very proud to say that as the premiere source of Filipino content to international audiences, we have already have set foot in Latin America and are continuously promoting our content. We have partnerships with the biggest distributors in Latin American territories. In 2016, “Bridges of Love”, the first Philippine telenovela to air in Latin America, was widely accepted in Peru. Since its premiere in Panamericana Televisión, it has impacted Peruvian television with an impressive 26% audience share increase surpassing its time slot competition. We have also sealed a landmark deal with Global TV Content for the format rights of the successful top-rated Filipino drama series “The Promise” to be aired in Mexico.

In what genres are you investing in local production?

Action drama remains to be on top of the list. Followed by family and romantic dramas, with fantasy series gaining popularity. This year, we have launched three new shows: Asintado – our newest family-action drama, The Blood Sisters – with a female lead playing triplets in a family romance drama, and our biggest and grandest fantasy series entitled Bagani which tells the story of five mythical heroes that fight for the survival of their communities.

What is your main objective in America and in LATAM?

Our main objective is to continuously be the premiere source of Filipino content in America and Latin America may it be through television, VOD, or OTT platforms. We would also like to continue introducing our Filipino creative and performing talents to these territories.

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