AZ Mundo, from AZ TV de Paga, premieres Nada Personal

Patricia Jasin, VP de TV Azteca Internacional

The series of 80 chapters is an original production of TV Azteca, with the hallmark of Elisa Salinas and Fides Velasco, written by Alberto Barrera, creator of the first version of 1996.

Prior to the premiere, there will be a special that unveils the characters, a bit of history and will bring additional and multiplatform exclusive content that the audience can enjoy on the Facebook/AZ Mundotv channel on Monday and Wednesday of every week at the end of the opening chapter.

Nada Personal

Starring Margarita Muñoz, Valentino Lanus, Juan Soler, Matías Novoa, Silvia Carusillo, Lidia San José, Mónica Dione, Pia Watson, Kika Edgar, Héctor Kotsifakis, Ricardo Esquerra, Roberta Burns, Humberto Bua, Dale Carley, Ignacio Rivapalacio, Mayra Rojas .

“The action story, political suspense and love tension on the screens of AZ Mundo seeks to offer the best of our production through Pay TV channels in the region,” said Patricia Jasín VP of TV Azteca Internacional.

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