Joshua Mintz and Ana Celia Urquidi are no longer on TV Azteca

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In a wave of changes of the two major Mexican television networks, TV Azteca confirmed the departure of Joshua Mintz and Ana Celia Urquidi.

Joshua Mintz

We picked up the phone to confirm with channel spokespersons who confirmed the exit of the executive leaving the attached Presidency and the Direction of Fiction; Ana Celia Urquidi also left the Directorate General for Development and Artistic Talent.

Mintz came to TV Azteca hired by the CEO  Benjamín Salinas in 2016 as part of the restructuring of the Mexican network. With more than 20 years in the television industry, the talent and trajectory  of Joshua Mintz first in Televisa and then as VP of Telemundo is one of the most coveted producers. There are rumors that he returns to Televisa, but also that he returns to Telemundo.

Ana Cecilia Urquidi

Successes like El Señor de los Cielos y La Patrona, in Telemundo and Rosario Tijeras in TV Azteca, among other successful productions endorse his brilliant career.

TVMAS also confirmed the departure of producer Ana Celia Urquidi who was invited by Mintz and the channel’s CEO.

Urquidi worked with Joshua Mintz in El Señor de los Cielos and has a career of more than 20 years in the industry making a luxurious career in the Mexican producer Argos.

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