Hombre al agua (Overboard) in the top ten film in Mexico and the United States

In its second week of exhibition in Mexico, Hombre al agua (Overboard), remains among the favorite films of the public, collecting 381,714,942 pesos and is located in second place of the top ten in Mexico being seen by 7,865,266 spectators.

On the other hand, in the United States, three weeks after its premiere, it accumulates already USD $36,973,570 remaining among the most viewed films in the American Union.

Comedy directed by Ron Greenberg, which also features performances of Eva Longoria, John Hannah, Mel Rodriguez, Cecilia Suárez, Mariana Treviño, Fernando Luján and the participation of Omar Chaparro, Jesús Ochoa and Adrián Uribe.

It narrates the story of “Leonardo” (Eugenio Derbez), a billionaire, selfish playboy and Daddy’s boy belonging to the richest family in Mexico and “Kate” (Anna Faris), a working-class single mother hired to clean Leonardo’s luxury yacht. After dismissing Kate unfairly and refusing to pay her, Leonardo exceeds celebrating and falls into the open sea, waking up with amnesia on the Oregon coast. When Kate finds out, she appears at the hospital and to recover her money, she convinces Leonardo that he is her husband and puts him to work for the first time in his life. Although at first he is miserable and inept, Leonardo slowly settles down, earning the appreciation of his new “family” and his co-workers. But, with Leonardo’s multi-million dollar family in his quest and the possibility of his memory coming back at any moment, Leonardo’s fate is uncertain.

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