“Un Nuevo Dia” premiered a studio at TELEMUNDO

Un nuevo día

“Un Nuevo Dia” opened the doors of its new home yesterday at 7 AM / 6 Central on Telemundo, when hosts Marco Antonio Regil, Rashel Diaz, Adamari Lopez and Zuleyka Rivera welcomed viewers from coast to coast and the special guests in their new 360º studio located in the newly inaugurated headquarters of Telemundo Center in Miami.

In the program, famous painter Romero Britto unveiled his work inspired by the program and singer-songwriter Nacho brought his music to the new set, where Paulina Sodi was also in the news segment, Chef James in his new kitchen, Erika Csiszer in her social networks segment, Mario Vannucci with the horoscope, Francisco Caceres in his film and entertainment segment and Janice Bencosme with all about time, among others.

“Un Nuevo Día” winner of three national Emmy Awards, has a space of more than 6,000 square feet with multiple stages, a second level, a modern and spacious room and kitchen, a diamond-shaped table, surrounded by landscapes and vertical gardens.

“Un Nuevo Día” Telemundo.com/UnNuevoDia, Facebook/UnNuevoDia y Twitter @UnNuevoDia


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