Imagen Televisión debuts “OYE AL CHEF”

OYE AL CHEF, is the premiere of Imagen Television in which renowned Mexican chefs, perfect inexperienced and a gourmet dish will be the main ingredients to create a delicious disaster in the kitchen to the delight of the audience, starting on Sunday June 3 at 7pm.

In each program two important chefs will have to direct their contestants who do not even know how to distinguish cilantro from parsley, to create a gourmet dish and win the competition. It seems like an easy task, but what if the chefs are in a booth watching their apprentices work from a monitor, giving instructions to the ear and against the clock? A formidable recipe for an hour of great chaos and fun!

“This new production reinforces the commitment of Imagen Televisión with the Mexican audience to offer programs made with great quality, and with a fresh, disruptive and attractive turnaround for the whole family,” said Juan Pablo Matarredona, Director of Entertainment for Imagen Television.

A co-production between Imagen Television and Discovery Home & Health made by the Litopos Company, and it is the adaptation of the Canadian format CHEF IN YOU EAR. The program will be transmitted on both channels practically simultaneously.



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