SDO Entertainment signs agreement with Universal Music Publishing

Lorena Miraglia

This production agency dedicated to the entertainment industry with more than two years of operation in the local market in Argentina, has three internal business units or sub-brands. SDO Live integrates its own production businesses and co-productions of plays and musical shows. SDO Studios is responsible for audiovisual production projects for cinema, television and digital media. SDO PR & Communications, integrates the management services of artists, press and marketing strategy in social networks.

With this co-editorial agreement with the major UNIVERSAL MUSIC, the producer SDO ENTERTAINMENT of Loli Miraglia, begins a stage in which the company will sign with artists of regional stature.

As part of its expansion in this segment, the company opened a new division of SDO MUSIC PUBLISHING after the agreement with Universal Music Publishing and the artists that enter this catalog will automatically become part of the Universal Musiccatalog. It will also manage the contracts, the consultancies in conjunction with Universal, coordinate the daily controls, make the records and advise them at each stage of the process to the existing authors whose works are still unpublished and to recruit new and potential authors.

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