Globo’s new telenovela ‘O Tempo Não Para’ premiere ratings in the 7 p.m. slot in recent years

O Tempo Não Para

During its premiere, on July 31, the plot reached 40.8 million viewers and a share of 46% – the best result for a first chapter in this particular slot since 2013. In the story, the Sabino Machado family remains frozen for 132 years, after a shipwreck in 1886. After awakening in modern day, they now have to deal with the cultural shock between two different eras.

‘O Tempo Não Para’ is written by Mario Teixeira and has artistic direction by Leonardo Nogueira. The cast features a team of charismatic actors such as Edson Celulari (‘Edge of Desire’), Nicolas Prattes (‘Rock Story’), Christiane Torloni (‘Looks & Essence’), Cleo (‘Destiny River’), and Milton Gonçalves (‘Side by Side’), among others.

God Save the King

The plot replaces the medieval super production ‘God Save The King,’ which came to an end on Monday, July 30. The phrase “Último Capítulo de Deus Salve o Rei” (God Save The King’s Last Chapter, in a loose translation) was also among the top Google searches, with more than 50,000 searches. ‘God Save the King’ is written by Daniel Adjafre, with artistic direction by Fabricio Mamberti.

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