Movie Ya Veremos wins at the box office to Mission Impossible: Repercussion in Mexico

On its opening weekend on August 2, the film starring Fernanda Castillo, Mauricio Ochmann, Erik Hayser and Emiliano Aramayo, was ranked first at the box office in Mexico, collecting 73,103,601 million Mexican pesos and was seen by more than 1,394,000 people, ranking in the top ten of the cinema in this country.

In its first four days of screening in Mexico, Ya Veremos won over important foreign films, such as Misión Imposible: Repercusión.

It is a family romantic comedy, directed by Pitipol Ybarra, which also features the performances of Rodrigo Cachero, Ariel Levy and Paco Rueda, among others.

It tells the story of Santi (Emiliano Aramayo) a boy who has had to deal with the separation of his parents, Rodrigo (Mauricio Ochmann) and Alejandra (Fernanda Castillo). They are obliged to see each other once in a while, as they share their child’s time. One day they receive the news that Santi must undergo surgery so as not to lose his sight, so Santi makes a wish list that he will seek to carry out together with his parents before the operation. Faced with this critical situation, Rodrigo and Alejandra must learn to live together, embarking – without suspecting it – on a trip that in the end, will make it very difficult to separate again.

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