TNT Series presents El Lobista in LATAM


The renowned and talented Argentineans Rodrigo de la Serna and Darío Grandinetti star in this miniseries that premieres on Saturday, August 18.

El Lobista

 TNT Series will show off its original production which tells the story of ambition, money, power play and influence peddling.

The life of Matías Franco (Rodrigo de la Serna, Motorcycle Diaries), who is considered as the best lobbyist in the field, a kind of “manager of interests” in favour of individuals, corporations and companies. His job is to intercede, influence and pressure his numerous contacts in power in order to realize highly profitable and lucrative business for his clients. His name is already a registered trademark in this world of “intermediations”, not only for his great sense of smell for opportunities but also because his performance is a guarantee of success (and impunity).

Throughout twelve episodes, characters like Natalia Ocampo (Leticia Brédice, Mujeres Asesinas), is its most ferocious threat. Another ambitious, Franco does not stop at nothing nor anyone. In seeking to realize the “business of his life”, he will establish a relationship with pastor Elián Ospina (Darío Grandinetti, Relatos Salvajes), leader of the Church of the Sacred Revelation, a dark character who will use the influences of the lobbyist to launder his fortune (from the “solidarity contributions” of his “community” but also from transactions of illicit origin). The difficulty of the case will leave Franco very exposed, who will be in the crosshairs of justice for the first time.

Lourdes Inzillo (Julieta Nair Calvo, Soy Luna), a photographer with a view of the world opposite to theirs, will put in doubt all the certainties that they had until that moment.

Alberto Ajaka (Entre Canibales) and Luis Machín (Los Ultimos) complete the cast.

The direction is by Daniel Barone (El Maestro) and the screenplay are by Patricio Vega (Los Simuladores).

TNT Series has managed to position itself as one of the favorite destinations for the lovers of good series.


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