OTT’s generate a great commotion in the music industry


Like the TV industry has had to face the challenge of competing with digital platforms, these have also generated a great commotion in the music industry with impact on artists, entrepreneurs and consumers.

Lorena Miraglia

 This transformation has been very well understood by Loli Miraglia, who as founder and CEO of SDO Entertainment, after a long experience in the music industry and the production of musical content for film and TV has managed to integrate the development of new artists with local focus and Regional projection.

“Just as there are artists of great trajectory that today remain in force, there are new fast-growing artists in recent genres such as trap and youtubers, which are rapidly evolving into digital platforms, generating great engagement with its audience.” And  adds that “the industry is adapting to the new way of distributing musical content because today artists can control more revenue and monetization of their works, thanks to digital platforms and have more power over the creativity of their works.” The businesswoman commented to TVMAS.

About her decision to enter the music segment explains: “Since the birth of SDO Entertainment, music is a business that somehow was always present, because our contents have a musical presence from beginning to end. “We have an alliance with some local and regional producers and are part of AADET (Argentine Association of Theater Entrepreneurs) and a multi-platform audiovisual cluster called BACA which is integrated by many of the major local producers such as Turner, Pol-ka, Underground, Metrovision, etc.”

This sum of added values has allowed this company a rapid growth in the market in its four years of existence and to carry out important agreements and alliances. “With Clarín Medios Digitales we have an agreement for the production of the children’s musical, Gaturro, the recognized local franchise that has already expanded to several territories of the Region. Also agreements with local producers such as Five Pro Events that has large productions such as Cirque Du Soleil, and recently signed with Universal Music Publishing of Co-Edition Editorial. In the audiovisual segment we have two series formats already presented in NATPE and Mipcom Cannes under the distribution of Glowstar Media, called Alquimia para Ana, and Motorhome Pop, among others.”

Esta suma de valores agregados le ha permitido a esta compañía un rápido crecimiento en el mercado en sus cuatro años de fundada y realizar importantes acuerdos y alianzas. “Con Clarín Medios Digitales tenemos un acuerdo para la producción del musical infantil, Gaturro, la reconocida franquicia local que ya se ha expandido a varios territorios de la Región. Así mismo acuerdos con productoras locales como Five Pro Events  que tiene grandes producciones como Cirque Du Soleil, y recientemente firmamos con Universal Music Publishing de Co-Edición Editorial. En el segmento audiovisual tenemos dos formatos de series ya presentadas en NATPE y Mipcom Cannes bajo la distribución de Glowstar Media, llamadas alquimia para Ana, y Motorhome Pop, entre otras”.


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