AZ Mundo, premieres Las Malcriadas

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This innovative format has all the seasonings to entertain and denounce. It was filmed in movie format 100%, and brings out topics important to society through fiction.

AZ Mundo, the international entertainment channel of AZ TV de Paga, premieres Malcriadas, a 90 episode telenovela produced by Joshua Mintz for TV Azteca between 2017 and 2018. It is written by César Sierra, based on the idea of ​​Ximena Escalante. Human trafficking, child trafficking, prostitution and surrogate pregnancy mark the story. Its debut on Azteca 13 was on September 18 and ended on February 9, 2018.

Sara Maldonado and Gonzalo García Vivanco are the protagonists, with the antagonistic participation of Rebecca Jones and Ernesto Laguardia and special performance by Dolores Heredia.

Original production of TV Azteca, narrates the story of Laura, a young journalist who discovers that her real mother was a domestic employee and decides to find out about her posing as a maid hired by the Employment Agency Dulce Hogar. In 90 chapters this social drama is developed where turbid activities around an organized crime will be discovered.

Patricia Jasin

“The premiere on August 27th, of one of our most recent and successful Super-productions as Malcriadas through the screens of AZ Mundo, is part of our renewed commitment to offer the best of our production through our TV de Paga channels, in response to the excellent and growing demand of our linear channels in the region.” Said Patricia Jasin, VP of TV Azteca Internacional.

In Executive Production Joshua Mintz and also Ana Celia Urquidi, Creative Direction is by Cristina Martínez de Velasco (Scenography), Literary Edition of Jorge Tijerina and distribution by TV Azteca Internacional, the premiere on Azteca 13 reached 1.5 million viewers in Mexico.

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