TURNER channels gain ground in social networks

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More than 100 million fans and engagement levels above the average of each platform, position the company with its content on social networks.

Turner Latin America, delivered a comprehensive study on the performance of their content on social networks and revealed that with its portfolio has 104 million fans in their Latin America feeds and levels of engagement.

The audience figures which accumulates Turner in social networks position them as the second platform in terms of reach, after the more traditional screen, that of linear television, where its channel portfolio is positioned # 1 among pay TV groups in Latin America, according to the statement.

These numbers demonstrate the interest of different audiences for the content of a premium publisher as is Turner, and ratify the strategy deployed by the company in the digital field.

The analysis of Turner’s performance also can be broken down in terms of brands. CNN, a particularly convening brand in social networks of Latin America, with a Facebook record of 12.1 million in its CNN account in Spanish.

Backed by this study, Turner presents itself this year as a relevant advertising partner for brands in this ecosystem. It offers its advertisers an advertising solution based on big data that applies specifically to social networks. Is about Launchpad, a tool for analyzing big data and activation of content for brands in this environment.



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