La Quiero a Morir in Africa before an audience that loves telenovelas


Telenovelas continue to conquer audiences. In the United Kingdom La Quiero a Morir, it’s quite an event.

La Quiero a Morir

The story of Caracol Televisión, ventures to conquer audiences around the world. But this time, Sub-Saharan Africa is fascinated. Since August 30, thru the signal of Romanza + Africa channel in its version dubbed to English reaches an audience that is enjoying this story, its casting so accurate, its story and its production in general.

Talks about Manuela, a fighter whose husband abandons exactly on their anniversary day, to go after Catalina, her best friend. She alone with her daughters faces debts. When she renounces luxury, re-encounters herself and faces great challenges. But meets Rito Samson, a man who shows her that love and loyalty are priceless.

The protagonists are Ana María Trujillo as Manuela and Mijail Mulkay as Samson, the cast has recognized actors such as Luigy Aicardy, Majida Issa, Margarita Ortega and Catalina Aristizábal.


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