CNN Business. New image and new editorial focus


The mission is to do a chronicle of the greatest story of our time: the digital transformation of business and how it is impacting in every corner of the global economy.

From the retail trade and the media, to energy and much more, technology has changed business as we knew it. Through exclusive interviews and breaking news, new franchises and verticals, and digital video that includes an expanded set of live streaming content, CNN Business covers the ongoing transformation in our economy and investments. With news, analysis, market data and opinion, CNN Business is designed to be attractive to those who want to learn, benefit from it and lead businesses.

“To understand business in 2018, we must recognize that every company is now a technology company,” said CNN Business Vice President and General Manager Jason Farkas. “In CNN Business we are living the story we report, and transforming our focus on how we will cover the future.”

Joining a series of offices in New York, Washington, Hong Kong, London, the United Arab Emirates and India, with extensive experience in global business, including companies, markets, technology and the best media team in the business, now a new office is open in San Francisco with reporters covering major technologies, startups, venture capital and cryptocoins.

Perspectives for example, intends to interview brilliant minds in technology and finance, opinion leaders in global business – such as Melinda Gates; Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi; Ian Bremmer of the Eurasia Group; and James Gorman, Morgan Stanley’s CEO – will share their ideas about the future and opinions about the present.

The launch of CNN Business is sponsored by Fidelity.


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