Globo launches the second season of ‘Jailers’ at MIPCOM 2018


After the success of the first season, which captivated the Brazilian audience and attracted the attention of different countries, ‘Jailers’ is back with even more action to portray the dilemmas of jailer Adriano (Rodrigo Lombardi, ‘Hidden Truths’ and ‘India – A Love Story’), who is torn between the dangers of his job and the dramas of his personal life. 

Carceleros Serie

Freely inspired by the book of the same name by Brazilian oncologist and scientist Drauzio Varella, the work is one of the major highlights of Globo’s new breed of series, and the international premiere of its first season took place during the MIPDrama Screenings, at MIPTV 2017, when it was awarded by the Grand Jury. Now, Globo launches the second season at MIPCOM, still unreleased worldwide, in keeping with the demands of the series market.  

The production’s first season was screened at major film festivals, such as Berlinale (Germany) and Fantasporto (Portugal), in addition to being licensed to Sky Italy and Sundance Now, the AMC Network’s streaming service. ‘Jailers’ also captivated the Brazilian audience, and more than 93 million people have closely followed Adriano’s dramas since its premiere on broadcast TV.  

Raphael Correa Neto

Co-produced by Globo, Gullane Filmes and Spray Filmes, written by Marçal Aquino, Fernando Bonassi and Dennison Ramalho, and directed by José Eduardo Belmonte, the second season of ‘Jailers’ shows Adriano’s continued struggle. In addition to escape attempts, scores to settle and the rebellions he faces at work, he needs to deal with personal conflicts, especially after he starts a relationship with inmate Érika (Leticia Sabatella, ‘India – A Love Story’) and finds out that his ex-wife is pregnant.  


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