Imagen Television of Mexico in its second Upfront announced its content for 2019

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“We are innovative and persevering and we are filled with enthusiasm, excited about the moment that the country is living,” said Olegario Vázquez Aldir, Director General of Grupo Empresarial Ángeles who led the presentation. It was a night full of emotions, the television station surprised the audience with a presentation by the QUEEN OF ROCK, Alejandra Guzmán. 

On the eve of its second anniversary, Imagen Television made its Upfront on the night of October 3 at the Hotel Camino Real de Polanco. Before a thousand people including clients, artists and special guests, the television station not only announced the new content prepared for 2019, but also made an emotional recount of its first two years on the air.

Lic. Olegario Vázquez Aldir, General Director of Grupo Empresarial Ángeles, said that open television will continue to be the best way for companies to generate income through investment in advertising and recounted the achievements of Imagen Television during its two years on the air, from releases like Atrapada and La Taxista “who already have a great and deep emotional connection with the viewers”, until Paquita la del Barrio that received an International Emmys nomination in the category of best telenovela, and the consolidation of programs as Como Sale el Sol and De Primera Mano.

Regarding IMAGEN NEWS, Vázquez Aldir said that “we know that we have a great responsibility to inform our audience, that is why the coverage of the largest elections in the history of Mexico was dealt with in a timely, accurate and balanced manner” and closed with a look to the future: “In Imagen we are attentive and committed to the current moment of television and its enormous and future possibilities. The competition does not scare us, it has never scared us, nor the battle to conquer the audiences. We are innovators and we are perseverant, we are enthusiastic about the moment that the country is living, we look for stories that fall in love and that engage audiences and we are attentive to the appearance of new technologies. We will continue working, striving to grow our market and generate better results,” he concluded.

Luz María Zetina (Sale el Sol) and Eduardo Videgaray (¡Qué Importa!), Were the hosts of the event in which original productions of entertainment and fiction, new news and sports formats, international epic series, and a new Imagen TV application were presented, with the aim of reinforcing its purpose of entertaining, informing and inspiring community life.

In addition to presenting innovative contest programs, Imagen Entertainment reiterated its strategic alliance with Discovery Home & Health for the co-production of various cooking formats, such as the already successful O “Oye al Chef.”

The actor Jorge Salinas opened the block of Imagen Fiction dedicated to original productions, with a funny sketch with which he released more details of the new series that he will star in Imagen Television, Super Papa.

In the same space was presented the action thriller 12 SEGUNDOS, an original story that brings together for the first time three powerful and innovative Latin American channels: Viacom-Telefé from Argentina, Mega from Chile and Imagen Television, in a co-production filmed totally in Mexico.

To culminate the presentation of content, Imagen offered an advance of the series based on the life of the Queen of Rock – LA GUZMÁN, starring actress and singer Majida Issa, creating the perfect setting for the surprising appearance on stage by Alejandra Guzmán. The singer captivated the guests with her powerful musical interpretations and emotional statements about the series. In what became one of the most exciting moments of the night, La Guzmán invited Majida Issa to the stage to interpret together “Reina de Corazones” and “La Plaga”, but not before dedicating a few poignant words and recognizing that Issa was the ideal choice to give it life in the series.

Customers and special guests had the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular night full of surprises and learn about the productions that consolidate Imagen Television as a true proposal and the ideal destination for both viewers and advertisers.


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