Globo takes a chance on series and takes a catalog to MIPCancun 2018 comprised of only short formats


Harassment- Stela ( Adriana Esteves ), Vera ( Fernanda Dumbra ) ,Eugênia ( Paula Possani ), Daiane ( Jéssica Ellen ) e Maria José ( Hermila Guedes ). retrato.

For the first time, Globo will take a unique catalog of series and limited series to MIPCancun, including the productions ‘Harassment’ and ‘Iron Island’, featured in the last MIPCOM. The titles were chosen by Virginia Mouseler for her Fresh TV Fiction panel, where Virginia introduced the latest developments and trends in audiovisual entertainment. ‘Harassment’ was also featured in the Best of Fresh TV Fiction, a panel in which Virginia presented the best programs she found at the fair.

The catalog to be introduced to Latin American executives during the three-day fair also includes ‘If I Close My Eyes Now’ and the second seasons of ‘Jailers’ and ‘Under Pressure’. The productions, which address current issues that are relevant to the global scenario, are the result of carefully tracking the audience’s new consumption habits as well as market trends. All of the series were strongly endorsed at their premiere in Cannes, and proved capable of communicating with different audiences across multiple platforms.

“We are making new deals and increasing the penetration of our productions based on the investments we made in short multiplatform formats. We have a close relationship with the Latin American markets and we are excited about the new possibilities that these movements have offered us”, says Raphael Corrêa Netto, Globo’s Executive Director of International Business.

‘Harassment’ is the industry’s first limited series to address the topic after the #metoo movement. A Globo production offered exclusively for Globoplay, Globo Group’s OTT platform, this work of fiction is loosely inspired by the book “A Clínica: A farsa e os crimes de Roger Abdelmassih” (The Clinic: The farce and crimes of Roger Abdelmassih), by Vicente Vilardaga, and tells the story of a network of women who come together to report serial sexual abuse committed by a successful and respected physician. The limited series was created by Maria Camargo (‘The Brothers’), written together with Bianca Ramoneda, Fernando Rebello, and Pedro de Barros. Its artistic direction is headed by Amora Mautner (‘Precious Pearl’ and ‘Brazil Avenue’), with general direction by Joana Jabace and direction by Guto Arruda Botelho.

Iron Island

‘Iron Island’, written by Max Mallmann and Adriana Lunardi, is packed with action, drama and intensity, and portrays the family dilemmas on the mainland and the constant turmoil at sea of a group of workers on an oil platform. The production features text supervision by Mauro Wilson, general and artistic direction by Afonso Poyart, and direction by Roberta Richard and Guga Sander.

In the psychological thriller ‘If I Close My Eyes Now’, inspired by the homonymous work by Edney Silvestre, two boys find a body and while trying to solve the crime, discover hidden truths about the distinguished local residents. The limited series was created by Ricardo Linhares and features artistic direction by Carlos Manga Jr.

The premiere of the second seasons of the award-winning series ‘Under Pressure’ and ‘Jailers’ were also featured in Globo’s international catalog. Both series address Brazilian topics with a global scope, relevant to the public from different backgrounds and cultures. The former addresses the difficulties and challenges faced by a team of doctors in the healthcare system of Rio de Janeiro. The latter then focuses on conflicts in the prison system of São Paulo, as seen from a warden’s perspective.

‘Under Pressure’, winner of four awards at the 31st International Festival of Audiovisual Programs (FIPA), was co-produced by Globo and Conspiração Filmes, featuring artistic direction by Andrucha Waddington and direction by Andrucha and Mini Kerti. The medical drama’s second season’s script is supervised by Jorge Furtado with final editing by Lucas Paraízo, who wrote the episodes with Antonio Prata, Marcio Alemão and André Sirangelo.

‘Jailers’ was co-produced by Globo, Gullane Filmes and Spray Filmes, written by Marçal Aquino, Fernando Bonassi and Dennison Ramalho, and directed by José Eduardo Belmonte. The series, which received great reviews by industry executives, had its first season selected by the Grand Jury at the 2017 MIPTV’s MIPDrama Screenings.

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