MIPCANCUN 2018 invites to happy hour 2X1 with VIP2000 and LATIN MEDIA



Latin Media, of José Escalante and VIP 2000 TV of Roxana Rotundo, invites to the MIPCANCUN Pre-Opening Party on Tuesday, November 13, in an event that they happily called Happy Hour 2X1.

These two distribution companies have joined in an event where they want to give the first toast to receive their wide range of international clients.

VIP 2000 TV has a catalog of films and telenovelas that, in alliance with important companies, offers a varied spectrum of high quality titles.

Latin Media, for its part, remains firm in its proposal to offer different and original programming alternatives, strongly betting on international content and stories full of emotion, drama, action and love, always transmitting values ​​and diverse cultures. In MIPCANCUN will be presenting new series developed in stunning natural settings, 6 dramatic proposals that will capture the different audiences of the region for their intensity. Impostora (80×45) and Dulce Venganza (180×45) from the Philippines, Caballos Salvajes (92×45 ‘) and Zoo (72×45′) from Europe and Duele Amar (204×45) and Beyhadh (137×45) from India.

“Teamwork divides the work and multiplies the results, this is how we decided to celebrate this welcome cocktail together, always fulfilling our business vision. We like to think big but always with our feet on the ground. We believe that hard work and  the vision of Latin Media will lead us on the right track both in the short and long term,” said José Escalante, CEO of Latin Media.

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