TONDERO premiered ASU MARE 3


The film is a co-production with Claro Video and had its premiere in all the cinemas of the country on November 22 with a large audience, becoming the highest grossing Peruvian film of the year with 1 million of spectators in its first week. 


For this third installment, Tondero opted to deliver the direction to Ecuadorian filmmaker Jorge Ulloa, creator of ‘EnchufeTV’ the successful web series with more than 25 million followers around the world, who assumed the great challenge of putting himself in front of this new delivery of the saga.



The characters of this trilogy that both, the first and the second reached 3 million viewers, will live new adventures and unexpected situations, including a trip to Miami after Cachin finally gets the much-desired visa to the “Yunaites”. But that’s not all, the public enjoyed the arrival of a baby and another member of the family.

The cast of “ASU MARE 3” is headed by Carlos Alcántara, Emilia Drago, Ana Cecilia Natteri, Javier Delgiudice, Denisse Dibós, Andrés Salas, Anahí de Cárdenas, Patricia Portocarrero, Ricardo Mendoza, Franco Cabrera and Miguel Vergara, who interpret the endearing characters that everyone already knows; and to those who join actress Melania Urbina and little Alessandro Durand who with only 12 years caused admiration and won the public.


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