Televisa named Fernando Muñiz as director of Televisa Internacional

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Televisa (Mexico) announced the appointment of Fernando Muñiz as new director general of Televisa International, who will attend NATPE Miami 2019 with the main productions that Televisa Studios will offer for this year. Muñiz replaces Carlos Castro.

Fernando Muñiz – Televisa Internacional

The executive who brings a trajectory from Televisa Networks (pay TV) will work with Patricio Wills, President and Head of Studio of Televisa Studios, and will bring to Miami a portfolio of new content highlighting the Fábrica de sueños, an anthology of serial dramas, which revives 12 iconic telenovelas made in short formats of 25 chapters, and El Ultimo Dragón, a story based on an original text by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, offers a contemporary vision of the world of international crime, which breaks with traditional profiles and structures of these issues. Made inv locations from Japan, Spain, the United States and Mexico. Protagonist performances by Sebastián Rulli and Renata Notni.

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