Vida y Salud on HITN and AZ TV screens of TV Azteca Internacional

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In an agreement between Guillermo Sierra of HITN and Patricia Jasin of Azteca Internacional, the program will be broadcast in the US and through the TV Azteca Internacional channels in Latin America, in addition to the new site

Ericson Espitia with Gabriela Quiroga and Dr. Aliza de Vida y Salud.

After the agreement, both companies have co-produced more than 200 hours of the television block “Vida y Salud“. Which will be released in the United States on HITN’s screen on Monday, January 14.

Their transmission will be in two-hour episodes every morning from Monday to Friday, through HITN for all the United States. TV Azteca Internacional will broadcast the program through AZ Mundo, one of its pay-TV channels in Latin America.

Guillermo Sierra

Patricia Jasin







With the production of our own program we take the brand to a higher level by being able to generate specialized content designed to cover the topics that are of greatest interest to the public,” affirmed Guillermo Sierra, General Director of Television and Digital Services for HITN.

“For TV Azteca Internacional, the co-production alliance with HITN means a great opportunity to join forces to generate a high-quality product and enormous contribution to the well-being of Latinos,” commented Patricia Jasín, Vice President of TV Azteca Internacional.



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