Toolbox a relief for content providers and PAY TV


The main challenge is the loss of subscribers. In TVMAS, Pablo Mancuso, speaks at lenght with invaluable information on how to solve the disconnections of traditional pay TV and, in general, content providers issues

The OTT services have given a strong blow to traditional pay TV. Therefore, there are questions: why are they moving away? How to build loyalty to those who pay a subscription? Mancuso says there is pressure from users for content providers to use tools that ensure a good experience for them.

“The path is in technological solutions and mutual business cooperation,” Mancuso said, but added that there are other questions: how to optimize the business model to increase profitability? And how to differentiate and be leaders in the OTT market? Mancuso, an expert in the LATAM, Asia and the United States markets, affirms that the road is agreements and alliances that stimulate to bring business to another level.

Toolbox created “Cloud Mirror” a tool that allows to ensure the highest image quality along with a real cost optimization through the use of a local CDN (Content Delivery Network) that avoids expenses in content distribution from international servers.

Mancuso says that it is a CDN solution that replicates the contents of the OTT platforms of the Content Providers in nodes installed in the ISPs or MSOs and distributes them with local data transfer costs and in high resolution.

“The user downloads the content of the nearest server, minimizing latency and increasing image quality. The result is excellence in performance and end-user experience, along with savings in CDN costs” explained Mancuso.

It is a tool with features specifically designed for a secure content and cost optimization.

Pablo told TVMAS that they are working on Ads Servers tools and User Lifecycle Management, key solutions for the optimization of the migration business model and broadcasting content with great results.

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