TVMAS celebrates International Women’s day highlighting industry leaders


“Let’s think of diversity and not on equality. Let us contribute intelligently to innovation without fear of change in a world where it is no longer important to compete, but to contribute.” Amanda Ospina, Editor/Director of TVMAS

For 4 consecutive years between 2012 to 2015, we dedicated a special in our graphic magazine to recognized powerful women leaders in the industry. They are in the retina of our readers and advertisers, women of the stature of Cristina Saralegui, recognized by the millions of audiences that she accumulated on her Univision program and toured all of Latin America. Maria Celeste Arrarás with a career, first on Univision and then on Telemundo. Maria Conchita Alonso, Venezuelan actress and one of the Latin pioneers to reach Hollywood.

Maria de Lourdes Gonzalez, Vice president and manager of the Univision station in Puerto Rico at the time. Suzette Millo, head of talent press on Telemundoand today a renowned publicist.

Diana Mogollón, was general manager of Mun2. Mercedes Alvarez, founder of Hola entertainment in Canada. Silvana D’Angelo today an entrepreneur and founder of GlowStar Media. Diana Vargas was the artistic director of the prestigious Havana Film Festival in NY.

Carla Estrada, one of the key producers of Televisa the same as Rosy Ocampo. Gema López and Liliam Hernández from Universal Cinergia. Esperanza Garay, who served as VP of content sales and acquisitions for Telemundo, and today is an  entrepreneur and founder of Mega Global Entertainment.

Charytin Goyco, the blonde of America. Maria Elena Salinas, journalist and head of Univision’s Spanish-language U.S.  national newscast for more than two decades. Raquel Yepes was the director of new business at the nascent High Hill Entertainment. Jacqueline López-Silvero, president of Programas para Televisión. Elisa Salinas was in charge of TV Azteca’s fiction.

Roxana Rotundo, founder of VIP2000. And other women who in our magazine shone in this section for their talents, abilities and above all, for their vision and great human quality.

Today we want to applaud them again and bring to our list other women who, like them, face great challenges in our industry such as Maryann Pasante and Leticia Estrada of LIONSGATE. Cris Morena, Argentine producer and creator. Fefi Toll, key piece for the development of Hispanic TV in the United States.

Klaudia Bermudez-Key, Senior VP and manager for NBC Universal International Networks Latin America. Monica Albuquerque in charge of the artistic development and innovation of GLOBO. Gloria Pérez, writer of famous telenovelas of GLOBO; Elif Shafak who represents one of the most influential voices of Turkish actuality and reality as a novelist committed to the present and author of the successful “The Bastard of Istanbul.”

Indian author, Kiran Desai, winner of several awards in novelas and her works quoted for audiovisual content. Luz Marina Arango, creator and organizer for 25 years of ANDINALINK in Cartagena, Colombia. Mar Martinez- Raposo, journalist in charge of ATRESMEDIA INTERNACIONAL.

Juana Uribe, Colombian producer and screenwriter, creator of the famous series “Pablo Escobar, el Patron del Mal”. Laurine Garaude, head of the television division of Reed Midem. (MIPTV, MIPJUNIOR, MIPCOM in Cannes, France and MIP CANCUN in Mexico).

Belen Gopegui, Spanish novelist writer author of Quedate este Dia y esta Noche Conmigo. Also Spanish Cristina Fallarás, journalist and author of novelas as No Acaba la Noche and Honrraras a tu Padre y a tu Madre.

Kelly Wright, head of distribution and new business of Keshet. Maria Bonaria Fois head of Mondo TV Iberoamérica. Catharina Ledeboer creator and writer of Nickelodeon. Cecilia Gómez de la Torre, creator of Tondero Distribución. Fidela Navarro, creator and CEO of Dopamine Content of TV Azteca, Patricia Jasin, head of Azteca Internacional. Macie F. Imperial VP of ABS-CBN, head of integrated acquisitions & international sales distribution.

Matilde Boshell, president of MBA Networks with nearly 25 years at the helm of her company. Sylvia Viljoen, director of distribution for the Americas of DW of Germany. Claudia Triana, head of PROIMAGENES of Colombia and who has put Colombian cinema at the Oscar Awards. Migdalia Inocencio, marketer of contents of great trajectory and who brought to the United States “Yo soy Betty la fea”. Miki Ivcher, founder and CEO of FL International, Lisette Osorio, worldwide distributor of contents of Caracol TV Internacional and Cynthia Hudson, VP and manager of CNN in Spanish.

All these women are pioneers, fighters, astute, brilliant, daring, adventurous, visionary and inspiring and deserve all the applause because they are a legacy for the new generations. They and others, which have not been included because the list would be endless, are at TVMAS our pillars of celebration.

I want to dedicate this day to a great friend, the famous “Goddess of telenovelas” Cuban writer, Delia Fiallo, who gave rise to many creative and operative jobs and brought millions of audiences to our industry with her telenovelas and today, at 95 years old she still tells stories in a lucid and fantastic way … I love to visit her, hug her and listen to her. In talks in her house she has amazed me and demonstrated what a powerful woman can do, beyond her age. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMAN’S DAY./Amanda Ospina.

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