Great box office accumulates the movie Mirreyes contra Godínez


Seven weeks after its premiere and starring Pablo Lyle, Daniel Tovar, Regina Blandón and Diana Bovio, is already considered the most successful Mexican film so far this year.

It has been seen by more than 4.5 million people, registering a box office collection of 237, 478,577 Mexican pesos.

This is the story in which Genaro Rodríguez, a young office worker (or godin) who has dedicated his life to work in Kuri Shoe Shops, sees his permanence threatened in the company with the arrival of Santiago, a mirrey who knows nothing, but who is the son of Don Francisco Kuri, owner of the company.

Genaro fears that Santiago can ruin the shoe store, and Santiago, on the other hand, hates the idea of Genaro being in charge of running the business. The tension increases when Santiago invites his sister Michelle, and two of his mirreyes friends, who have never worked, to support him in Kuri Shoe Shops. But Genaro and his Godinez team will not be left behind and will fight to keep their jobs. In the dispute, the two groups lose sight of the fact that Javier, a partner in the company, is the real enemy of Kuri ShoeShops.

This comedy is produced by Draco Films, Mexican producer, script writers by María Hinojos and Carolina Rivera, music by Rodrigo Davila and in photography  Beto Casillas, directed by Chava Cartas also features the performances of Alejandro de Marino, Christian Vázquez, Gloria Stalina, Roberto Aguirre, Darío Ripoll and the special participation of Hernán Mendoza, Claudia Ramírez and Michelle Rodríguez.

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