Premiere of Pequeños Gigantes 2019 by Las Estrellas and Univision

The production of Rubén Galindo, will premiere next Sunday, March 24, and will have a gala jury, composed by Verónica Castro, Miguel Bosé, Karol Sevilla and Albertano.

Galilea Montijo, Albertano, Verónica Castro, Karol Sevilla and Miguel Bosé

Pequeños Gigantes 2019 will be transmitted simultaneously by Las Estrellas and Univision, and hosted, again by Galilea Montijo, who will be accompanied by Bárbara Islas and Ana Celeste.

It is a talent competition between six squadrons, made up of five children between 4 and 13 years old. The youngest of them will be the team captain, a singer, dance partners and a “fifth element” with extraordinary physical abilities.

It will be developed in 10 galas, in which the members of each squadron will present charisma weekly tests, dancing, singing and dexterity, which will be qualified by the judges, who will award scores in the range of 0 to 10.

Every three weeks, the squadrons that obtain the lowest qualifications will be sentenced and subject to public voting; the three best teams will reach the final, in which one will be crowned as the winning squadron.

It is an original format of Televisa that has gone around the world, becoming an obligatory reference for talent shows, internationally. After leading the prime time of Sunday programming during its three seasons broadcast in Mexico by Las EstrellasPequeños Gigantes has marked a trend in several countries, which have made local adaptations: Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Portugal, Italy, Uruguay, United States, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama and Peru, among others.

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