Discovery U.S. Hispanic presented its programming in the Upfront 2019-2020


The main Hispanic brands in the United States reveal their new programming, the growth of TV Everywhere (TVE) and forthcoming initiatives

Eduardo Hauser, General Manager of Discovery U.S. Hispanic

Discovery en Español and Discovery Familia channels cover nearly a quarter of the total participation of all Hispanic cable channels during primetime1. They presented their programming with new premiere schedules and original productions. The products ofTV Everywhere (TVE) offer more than 7000 episodes by the end of 2019, in addition to exclusive digital content of the audience’s favorite programs.

“We are grateful to our viewers for continuing to select our channels as their high-quality, real-world programming destination, which reflects their interests, lives and aspirations,” said Eduardo Hauser, General Manager of Discovery U. S. Hispanic. “Our brands continue to exercise a great impact, and we are committed to reinforcing the genuine and authentic connection we have with our audience. That’s why, we are strengthening our portfolio, including our digital offering in all GO applications, so that the usual spectators and the new ones enjoy, at any time and in any place, on the platform of their choice.”

The executive adds that “Discovery Familia, the fastest growing channel on Hispanic television2, celebrates the differences in how we all live, but focuses on the things that unite us, from family and relationships, to food, improvements at home and health. In this upfront season, Discovery Familia will offer new series like Juntas y revueltas (sMothered) and Christina en la costa (Christina on the Coast), and recurring successes like Todo en 90 días (90 Day Fiancé) and Hermanos a la obra (Property Brothers).”

“On the other hand, Discovery en Español, the cable channel with non-fiction content, has been the undisputed leader of all Spanish language cable” says Hauser, brings series such as Planeta profundo (Deep Planet), Leyendas de lo salvaje (Legends of the Wild) andMexicuáticos. Discovery en Español characters bring to the screen the new and the unknown in the worlds of ingenuity, natural history, current affairs, adventure, entrepreneurial spirit and automotive content of Motortrend.

Launched to the market barely a year ago, the products of TVE Discovery en Español GO and Discovery Familia GO, have had a growth of 18% and are available on the main platforms, such as IOS, Android, Roku and FireTV. With 200,000 active users. With more than 150 complete series available on both channels, GO apps also offer GO Originals, a series of exclusive short-form content, only available in applications. This line of digital programming focuses on the automotive, adventure, food, travel and lifestyle genres, as well as technology and innovation.

Discovery U.S. Hispanic is also developing new brand extensions from its portfolio of 17 major brands of Discovery Inc. One such project is Hogar de HGTV, destination in Spanish for food and home enthusiasts, which will be launched during the season of upfront 2019/20.

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