JUEGOS DE PODER in the MGE catalog at the L. A. Screenings

Is the most recent telenovela of Mega de Chile, it joins the list of successes that consolidate the undisputed audience leadership that has maintained the channel, in primetime, for more than five consecutive years, and which is part, together with phenomena such as Isla Paraíso, the new season of Verdades Ocultas and Casa de Muñecos

Esperanza Garay, CEO de Mega Global Entertainment.

The Mega Global Entertainment Distributor, in this edition of the L. A. Screenings celebrates its first year in the region. “Different stories, well-told, with first class performances and a high quality production, are undoubtedly the ingredients for an audience television phenomena such as the novelas of the leading channel Mega Chile. This formula has no borders, because the Latin American public, of any country, is always eager for novel content and good entertainment. These productions are a seal of guarantee,” said Esperanza Garay, CEO of Mega Global Entertainment.

Verdades Ocultas, Isla Paraíso y Juegos de Poder

Juegos de Poder is a political-police drama that narrates the life of Mariano Beltrán, the new and strongest candidate for the Presidency of the Republic. During his political campaign, the entrepreneur has emphasized that in his government will end  privileges for those who feel entitled to go above all and the law. However, Beltran will have to swallow his words, when a tragedy in his family becomes the biggest obstacle he will have to overcome, not only as a politician but also as a father.

The catalog includes the new season of Verdades Ocultas, which has been consolidated as the most viewed novel in the evening in the history of local television; Isla Paraíso, which captivates more than 50% of the audience in its primetime slot, surpasssing by more than four times its closest competitor; and Casa de Muñecos that captivates 40% of the night audience, doubling its competitors.

These and all the productions of the leading channel Mega Chile, are part of the offer that MGE presents at the L. A. Screenings 2019. and follow us through our platforms:

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