Cast of Cita a Ciegas celebrated Victoria Ruffo and Gonzalo Peña’s birthday


The production and cast of the telenovela Cita a Ciegas, surprised yesterday the actors Victoria Ruffo and Gonzalo Peña, celebrating them on the occasion of their birthdays.

Omar Fierro, Arturo Peniche and Anahí Allué celebrated Victoria Ruffo

In the 14th forum of Televisa San Ángel, a location north of Mexico City, Victoria Ruffo and Gonzalo Peña were happy and grateful for the expressions of affection from the production team and their fellow actors.

The celebrated Gonzalo Peña plays Marcelo in Cita a Ciegas

Victoria Ruffo declared to be doubly excited, because this new story gives her the opportunity to venture into the comedy genre, for the first time in her career. At the celebration were present the actors Arturo Peniche, Omar Fierro, Anahí Allué, Adrián Di Monte, Begoña Narváez, José Manuel Lechuga and Carlos Hays.

Cita a Ciegas, is a new production by Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo, will premiere on Las Estrellas in the second semester of 2019.

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