With great success last night Un Bandido Honrado was released in Colombia

The new super series of Caracol Television debuted last night in prime time with 35.6 share points and 12.3 rating points.

Un bandido honrado

 With more than 5 million viewers, this comedy is now the most viewed super series of 2019 in Colombia. This production, a pioneer in the genre of narco comedy, tells the story of Crespo Ortega, a man who decides to change his life, away from the crimes and sins of the past, to become an honest man. The amusing story, which will show the situations that this bandit will have to live in his quest to put aside temptations and learn how to be a good man, it arrives accompanied by a soundtrack with original music from the production, already available on all musical platforms.

Dago García, Vice President of Production and Content of Caracol Televisión commented that “In this series will find values ​​that we should promote in our country such as love, tolerance, forgiveness and patience from the combination of humor and entertainment. In addition, we put together a first-line production team.”

Lisette Osorio

Lisette Osorio, Vice President of International Sales of Caracol Televisión added that “We are facing a product that marks a new trend in the international market. With the narco-comedy genre, Un Bandido Honrado proposes a different and comical vision, showing, for the first time, a repentant bandit.”

Starring Diego Vásquez (“La Niña”), Carolina Acevedo (“La Nocturna”) and Norma Nivia (“Cuando Vivas Conmigo”.) Recorded in 4k with cinema optics, it has as producer Juan Carlos Villamizar (“Las Muñecas de la Mafia 2”) and has the direction of Mario Ribero (“Yo Soy Betty la Fea”) and Andrés Marroquín (“La Nocturna”.)

Dago Garcia

Producer Juan Carlos Villamizar comments: “We had several challenges, but the main one was to create a fantastic part that takes the imagination of the main character, where he arrives in heaven to meet his patron, Saint Judas Tadeo.”

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