Sony Channel announced that publicist Andrea Arnau will be an investor in Shark Tank Colombia


In this third season, Negotiating with Sharks will be this entrepreneur, passionate about technology. Architect of the transformation of large multinationals, local companies and startups in Latin America, Europe and the United States.

Andrea Arnau

With extensive experience in the marketing and advertising area, Arnau has successfully led branding, digital strategy, and the development of new value propositions and new business models in multiple companies. She was a co-founder and partner in Tribal DDB Colombia, Tribal DDB Latin America and Chef Company. She is currently part of Miami-based Rokk3r, designing companies to have the the growth potential offered by today’s world based on exponential technologies.

“While companies in Colombia are rich in talent and creativity, I think it is necessary for us to understand that today it is possible, from Colombia, to create companies with a global reach. My goal at Shark Tank Colombia is to find entrepreneurs who have that vision and challenge them to eat the world by leveraging technologies and exponential factors available today to any entrepreneur anywhere on the planet.” Andrea Arnau affirmed.

After the success of audiences of the first two seasons, the production of Sony Pictures Television, returns in the second semester of the year.

Other sharks confirmed for this third season are: Samy Bessudo, Mauricio Hoyos Holguin, Frank Kanayet, Ricardo Leyva, Alexander Torrenegra, and Leonardo Wehe.

Negotiating with Sharks is an adaptation of the famous reality show “Dragons’ Den”, created by Nippon TV in Japan. This format, distributed by Sony Pictures Television, has been successfully adapted in more than 35 countries, including Germany, Canada, Denmark, the United States, Finland, Poland and the United Kingdom.

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